How to Apply for Walmart Credit Card – Complete Guide

Do you shop at Walmart? You can take advantage of extra benefits through special discounts through Walmart’s credit cards. Credit cards are an absolute necessity for you, so that you can shop with no cash on hand. With Walmart’s credit card it’s simple for you to take advantage of numerous cashbacks as well as rewards and discounts. Additionally, you can enjoy all these deals and rewards when you purchase an Walmart credit card.

If you’re thinking of applying for a brand or a new Walmart credit card it is important to be aware of the entire procedure. There are two options to apply for the Walmart credit card. You can either choose the process online or choose to apply for it at the store.

Apply For Walmart Credit Card Online

Today, you don’t need to go anywhere if you’re looking to purchase credit cards for an effortless shopping experience. If you’re planning to apply for credit card, it would be beneficial to follow the online application process. For online application follow these steps below for an existing Walmart customer:

How to Sign Up for your Account at

It is important to keep in mind that if you want to use the an online service for the first time you’ll be required to register your account through their website. Simply go to their official site and then follow a sign-up procedure. Follow the instructions below to sign up your account:

  • Open Walmart website on your device.
  • On the right side of the screen there is an option of account , which you can click to select the Create an Account option.
  • You will then have to enter the details of your name, first name, first name, last name address, password and other details in the following page.
  • Then, hit submit to sign up for your account.
  • It is possible to sign in with your email address as well as your chosen password to log into your account.

How to Login to your Walmart Account

After you have successfully created your account, you’ll be required to undergo an account sign-in procedure so you can login to your account. Follow the steps below to do the process.

  • Go to the site
  • In the top-right corner, choose the option to sign-in and then select the sign-in button.
  • After that, you’ll be required fill in your password and email.
  • Click the Sign In button to login to your account.
Online MethodApply Through Website
Offline MethodVisit Nearest Walmart Store
Application Via Phone1 – 877 – 294 – 7880

What’s the procedure to apply for a Walmart Credit Card Online

After you have signed in to your account, you’ll be able to use the option of applying for a Walmart credit card. The steps below for applying to apply:

  • When you log in to Your Walmart account, you’ll see a sidebar to the left-hand side of your web page.
  • Once you have done that, you’ll see the option to Apply for a Walmart Credit Card.
  • If you click this option, you’ll be directed to an application form where you can submit an application to get this credit card.
  • In the application form you’ll need to provide information regarding your email address, name telephone number, address and much more.
  • You will then click continue and you’ve successfully applied for the credit card.
  • Once you have received approval for your request for a Walmart credit card you will be able to receive your credit card within 7-10 working days.

Go to Walmart Store to apply for Walmart Credit Card Application

  • There’s a convenient method to apply for you your Walmart credit card. You will need to go to at the Walmart store and apply for it through the Walmart the jewelry counter.
  • You could also apply for it at the counter applying with your credit or debit card along with a ID issued by the government.
  • If, for instance, you’re using the credit cards of any kind, then you can apply via the Walmart department of jewelry.
  • The applicant must provide all details on the application and you will be issued the temporary number for your credit card until you are able to get the permanent Walmart card.

Walmart Credit Card Application Through Phone

There is also a possibility for customers to apply for a Walmart credit card through the telephone. It’s a very easy procedure that you are able to follow. Simply dial their toll-free phone number 1 – 787 – 294 – 7880 . You will be able to follow the directions given when you call. It is easy to apply for Walmart’s credit cards using this procedure.

The acceptance for the card is contingent the credit scores of your and past history. You can either get immediate approval for the Walmart card or be refused. If everything is in order with respect to credit scores and past history then you’ll get your credit card’s approval. Once you have it, you can make purchases in Walmart. Walmart shop and benefit from the benefits it offers.

How to Check the status of your credit Card Application Status Online

If you plan to utilize any of these methods when applying for Walmart’s credit cards, you’ll need to be aware about the procedure to determine the status.

  • You can monitor the status at any moment by calling one of the numbers 1:877 969 3668.
  • Once the status of your credit card is approved, the card will be delivered to your address within 7-10 working days.
  • If you’re having trouble receiving the Walmart credit card during the time frame You will have to call the customer service executive to seek assistance regarding the issue.
  • If you’re applying online in order to get Walmart’s credit card. You can verify the status of your application through your account. Most of the time you will be provided with the exact details when you examine the current status for the application for your Walmart credit card.


Still, if you are having any kind of issue, you will need to look for the right solution with the help of customer care service providers. Once you receive your Walmart credit card, you will be able to use it for shopping.

You will find it excellent because of the benefits with cashback, promotion offers, and discount offers, gift card vouchers and more. Make sure to know about all the terms and conditions of using the credit card to use it properly.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I pick up a Walmart credit card?

An application can be picked up at one of three locations:
1. Register at Walmart
2. Walmart jewelry counters
3. Walmart website

How can I apply for a Walmart card online?

Online application for a Walmart Card! Card Security is a program that you can choose to participate in. Whether you purchase Card Security or not has no bearing on your credit application or the conditions of any existing credit agreement with GE Capital Retail Bank (the “Bank”).

How do you get a Walmart credit card?

To receive a Walmart credit card, simply follow these steps: Pick up an application for a Walmart credit card. 2. Go over the terms and conditions for the Walmart Card. Read and understand the card’s terms and conditions, which are listed right on the application, before you fill out the application.

What is the credit score to get a credit card?

This credit card requires a minimum credit score of 700. However, approvals with a score as low as 640 have been reported. Getting authorized for a credit card takes some forethought. The majority of credit card offers necessitate excellent credit.

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