[Solved] How to Cancel Walmart Credit Card Online?

Walmart has millions of customers around the world and the customers want world-class services by this retailer for the seamless shopping experience. If you are also using Walmart for shopping, you must have heard about Walmart’s credit card services. Walmart is providing credit card services for the customers who want to shop without any financial problems. If you are also going to get Walmart credit card, you will find the option of normal credit card and MasterCard as per your needs.

With the use of the Walmart credit card, you will be able to avail lots of advantages with discount offers and cashback offers. You can also get several rewards when you will use it for shopping or bill payments. Even with such kind of benefits of using Walmart credit card, there are some customers who may not like something about it. In such kind of situations, you may think about canceling your credit card bill if you don’t want to continue its services and benefits.

If you are a user of Walmart credit card, you may face any kind of problem when you think to cancel it. It is true that Walmart credit card comes with lots of advantages when you shop with it. Still, there are several users who try to cancel it due to any kind of issue. If you are facing any kind of situation when you want to cancel your Walmart credit card, you will know about the complete process here.

How to cancel Walmart Credit Card?

There are only a few customers who don’t want to use the services of Walmart credit card due to any kind of issue. If you are one of such users, you may need to know about the process of canceling it.

You can simply follow the steps given below when you want to cancel your credit card:

Call Customer Helpline Service of Walmart for Cancellation

  • If you want to use a customer care helpline number to cancel Walmart credit card, you can dial 1-877-294-7888.
  • They are available 24/7 to provide customer support on this number.
  • When you will call, you can follow the instructions and can talk to Walmart customer care executive for the cancellation process.
  • When you will talk to the customer care executive, you will need to provide your personal information including your name, account details and more.
  • Once they will verify your information, you can go for the process of cancellation and you will get the confirmation after completing the process.

Send an e-Mail to the Official mail address for Cancellation

You can also use email services to cancel your Walmart credit card. If you are unable to use the process of customer care support for the cancellation of your Walmart credit card, you can go with the steps given below for it:

  • You just need to write an mail with a valid reason to cancel your Walmart credit card.
  • You will need to provide your personal information in the application and then you can attach the latest billing statement with it.
  • Then you will send the email to the official mail of Walmart for cancellation request.

Once they receive your letter on their email address, they will verify your details and information. After that, they will match it with the details and information in your application. After completing the verification process, they will cancel your credit card. However, you should know that diplomatic a little bit more time than other processes.

How to cancel your Walmart Credit Card Online?

Most people today prefer to use online solutions for any type of application. If you wish to cancel your Walmart credit card through the online approach, go to the official website and log in to your Walmart credit card account. After that, you can cancel the credit card by following the instructions on the page.

If you have a question about item pricing, please contact customer service below.

Walmart Toll Free Number1-800-925-6278
Online SupportVisit here
Official Websitewww.walmart.com

Cancel Walmart Credit Card by Visiting the store

You can also go to the Walmart store if you don’t want to go through the online process. You can request that your credit card be cancelled from the counter representative. Many clients are unable to complete online transactions or use other means. Customers in this situation might use the offline approach by going to the nearest Walmart shop. You must complete out the application form in person at a Walmart store. After you’ve double-checked that the information on the application form is valid, you can submit it to the representative. After that, the person will cancel your credit card and inform you of the cancellation.

These are different methods that you can follow for the cancellation of your Walmart credit card. The customers may have different kinds of situations when they want to go for the cancellation process for the Walmart credit card. Either you can go for the online process or you can use an offline process according to your needs. You can also check cancellation status or approval status online by clicking here.

Reasons to not Cancel your Walmart Credit Card

  • If you are a user of Walmart credit card, it is recommended that you do not cancel it and you can keep it in your locker because it will be beneficial in many ways.
  • You will be able to get several advantages with it including discount coupons, cashback offers, awards and more with its use.
  • Whether you want to shop online or you want to make the payment of your bills, the credit card will be used for it and you can have lots of benefits with its use.

In case, you have applied for another Walmart credit card then, you may check its approval status by visiting Walmart tracking online.


There are some users who may also face the situation of lost or stolen credit cards. If you have lost your credit card, it is recommended to cancel it or report it immediately. If you do not report to block your lost credit card, someone may misuse it so you should go for the process. Even when you want to block your lost credit card, you can use the online process by visiting the website or you can contact the customer care representative on the helpline number for it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I cancel my Walmart credit card?

No company provides, reviews, or endorses editorial or user-generated content. You could cancel your Walmart Credit Card online or by calling the Capital One customer service number listed on the back of your card.

What happens to my credit score if I cancel my Walmart Credit Card?

Walmart sends information about your credit card activity to the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Based on how long you’ve had the card, going to close it may have a negative impact on your credit history.

Can I cancel Walmart Credit Card online?

Yes, It is possible to cancel your Walmart Credit Card Online, Just follow the steps given above to successfully cancel your Walmart Credit Card.

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