How to Check Walmart MasterCard Application Status

In most cases, when you apply for a MasterCard, you will get notified on your phone instantly. These types of notifications help you to understand clearly whether your application for MasterCard is denied or accepted. But it might not be that easy in some cases. Often, in order to approve or reject your application, the company has to analyze your credit reports. They will analyze your credit scores in order to fix a credit limit for you. Many people have applied for a Walmart MasterCard. While most of them get accepted or rejected instantly, it may take some time in a few cases. However, you can check your Walmart MasterCard Application status easily. But first, let’s review the issues which creates a problem to get your application approved instantly.

Factors to consider while applying for Walmart MasterCard

There are several factors that can decide whether the application will approve instantly or not. Some of them are:

  • Several credit-related applications

If you have applied for several credit cards or loans, you might face a delay in getting your MasterCard application approved instantly. The issuer will look into the logistics in order to ensure whether you will be able to pay back all your credit card dues in time or not, on the basis of your credit scores. It also helps to determine your credit limit on your Walmart MasterCard.

  • Income verification need

While reviewing your MasterCard application, you might get a call from a representative who wants to see proof of your income. Income is an important factor when it comes to issuing MasterCards in order to calculate the debt to income ratio. It helps one to assess whether an individual can pay back the loan in time or not.

  • Error on your application

Your application for MasterCard may get delay If you make mistakes on your application. Error while filling in small details can result in rejection.

How to check your application status for Walmart MasterCard?

The easiest way to check whether your application for Walmart’s MasterCard will be approved or not is to call up Walmart Credit Services. Walmart issues cards on the basis of your credit scores. You need to call them up and wait for them to respond. Usually, you will get to know the status of your application through an email. 

Steps to Know Your Walmart MasterCard Application Status

  • Call them up:

The first thing that you need to do is to call the Walmart Credit Services upon their official number. The official number is 1-877-969-3668.

  • Choosing Language settings:

The next step will require you to choose the Language in which you are comfortable communicating with the Walmart Credit Service Representative. Since most of you are comfortable in English, you need to press 1.

  • Checking for application status:

The next step requires you to press 1 again. This will help you to get information about your application status.

  • Selecting the medium of application:

You need to choose the medium that you used to apply for a Walmart MasterCard on the call. If you have applied for the MasterCard online, you need to press 1. In case you have applied for the MasterCard in-store, press 2. If you have chosen any other method, press 3 to continue.

  • Verification:

You need to verify your identity in order to move forward. In order to do so, the Walmart Credit Service representative will ask your Social Security Number (SSN). Do not worry as Walmart is a trusted institute and providing your SSN will make the process smoother. 

  • Receiving your application status:

They will send a mail to your registered email address regarding the status of your Walmart MasterCard application. 

What to expect after your application for Walmart MasterCard gets Confirmed / Rejected?

When you get the confirmation email regarding your application, You can expect that you will receive the MasterCard within 7-10 days. In case you don’t, you need to call up Walmart Credit Services up.

In case your application status is rejected, you can give it up again for reconsideration. However, you need to make a few changes on your application form in order to get approval. You have to show in your MasterCard application form that your credit score has improved from before. You might also need to make sure that your income has also increased. 

How to Ensure that your Application gets Instant Approval?

There are some factors that you need to keep in mind in order to ensure that your application gets approved as soon as possible:

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  • You need to meet the basic requirement in order to get your MasterCard application approved almost instantly. You need to be at least 18 years old in order to apply along with an SSN and a U.S email address. 
  • A customer has to keep in mind that your credit score is 600 at least, in order to get your MasterCard application approved easily.
  • Make sure that you review your credit reports properly in order to avoid any kind of dispute during application approval. 
  • If your credit report has a freeze, you cannot get your MasterCard application approved instantly. You need to lift it temporarily in order to get your Walmart MasterCard Application approval. 
  • In case you want to apply in-store, there are two places that you can go to. The first place is the Walmart Register. You can even go to the jewelry counter in order to apply for the MasterCard.  The person can even decide to apply online. It might get a temporary card which can be used for some time.  


It is pretty easy to check your application status. As long as your credit score is good and you meet the basic requirements, there should be no problem in getting your application approval from Walmart Credit Services. In case you want to check the status of your application, you can do so quite easily. All you need to do is to follow these steps to get results. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you check the status of your Walmart credit card application?

Only Walmart Credit Services can verify the status of your Walmart® Credit Card application. This is true for both the Walmart® Store Card and the Walmart Mastercard, which can only be used at Walmart. When you apply, the issuer determines which version you will receive according on your credit.

When will I receive my Walmart card in Mail?

In 7-10 business days, if your request is successful, you will receive your Walmart Store Card in the mail. Call the number above if your application has been granted, or if your card has been lost or stolen.

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