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Walmart is a famous departmental store chain where you can get your necessities at a cheaper rate. It makes living affordable and convenient, with everything that you need available under one roof, there is not much need for you to go anywhere else. With almost 11,438 stores worldwide, it is no wonder that this chain has become a popular choice for many. 

Find Walmart Store by Locations

Depending on your location, you are sure to find a Walmart or two near you. Or, you can expect it any time soon.

Walmart began as a humble discount shop in Rogers Ark. However, now it has expanded not only nationally, but internationally as well. They operate 11, 438 stores across 27 countries and under 58 different banners. Not just physical stores, Walmart has also been able to create a name for itself in the eCommerce world with websites in 10 countries. Walmart is affiliated with international brands and has been able to employ over 2.2 million people.

The company is dedicated to bringing affordable and right living closer to you, allowing everyone to enjoy a higher quality of life. It is a favored store for many as it provides excellent discounts and offers, which will enable consumers to be able to save more while purchasing the necessities of life.

Are you wondering where the nearest Walmart to your home is?

Wherever in the US, you may be, there is sure to be a Walmart store near you. Walmart has made it easier for their consumers to be able to locate stores which are close to them quickly.

You can use your mobile browser or your desktop to find out the nearest Walmart location to your home quickly.

How to find Walmart Store location using desktop?

  • Go to Walmart’s official website and select the store locator option.
  • The web page that opens up will prompt you to enter your zip code this makes it easier for the store locator to go through all of the nearest Walmart locations with respect to your zip code
  • Once you have entered your zip code, the store locator will generate a list of Walmart stores that are located near you.
  • In order to help you get only the nearest stores, you can even filter your search by distance to ensure that only the closest stores show up on the list. Otherwise, if you want to have a general idea of all other stores near you, simply enter your zipcode without any filter, and you will get a list of all Walmart stores near your location within a 100 km.
  • Once the list of stores near you show up, you will also be able to see other relevant information related to the store such at its open and closing hours, the particular services that the store offers.
  • You can also find a number for the store so that you can contact the help desk, as well as view the distance of the store from your location.

Features of Store Locator

Another helpful feature of this store locator is that once you have located the nearest Walmart to your zip code, you can also search for products available within Walmart. Hence if you want to make a Walmart trip for a specific item, you can use this store locator feature to ensure that the product is available, or look at other Walmart locations where you may find your desired product.

When you select the more information tab under the nearest Walmart store location, you also get information about the latest coupons and deals as well as weekly ads, so that you can ensure that you can maximize your savings.

You can also use the store for your already applied credit card status.

How to Find Walmart Store Using the Mobile App

One of the biggest retail store chain Walmart has made it convenient for their consumers to be able to ensure a smooth shopping experience. The Walmart mobile app offers a seamless experience for the frequent shopper, you can not only order your products online, but you can also avail other facilities provided by Walmart. You can view a list of your previous orders which makes ordering monthly necessities a breeze. The mobile app is fast and convenient, and a must-have for frequent shoppers at Walmart. With Walmart’s excellent mobile app, consumers are able to not only get more information about the latest deals but can also locate stores near them quite quickly.

Steps to Search Store Nearby you via smartphone

  • When you want to physically go to the Walmart store instead of using the mobile app to order your needed items, you can locate a store quickly by opening the app on your phone and go on to the services tab.
  • Under the services tab, you will find the store locator option which you can tap on. This will take you to the store locator page which will prompt you to enter the zip code of your area
  • Once you enter the zip code a list of the Walmart stores that are located near will show up as a list.
  • With the mobile app, you can filter the Walmart stores on your list with respect to the services which they offer. hence if you are looking for a particular service, then you can simply use the filter for that service to ensure that the Walmart that you go to will be able to serve you the best
  • Once the list of Walmart’s located near you has been curated, you can click on each individual store to check the timing s of the store, get their helpdesk number as well other helpful information to ensure that your trip is a breeze.


This supergiant has made it quite easy for shoppers to be able to locate stores near them, as well as get additional relevant information about the stores. Hence, with Walmart, you get a seamless experience from start to finish. The store locator is a convenient tool when you are looking for Walmart’s stores near you which offer a particular product or service, and helps you save some essential time when you require it the most.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a Walmart near me?

Select Walmart Services, then Money Transfers under the Money Services header on the Walmart website. Choose Find a Location from the drop-down menu, enter your address, and the map will populate with Walmart locations nearby. It will also display the locations of MoneyGram agents.

What is the best way to locate a Walmart money transfer location?

To find a Walmart store near you, go to Walmart’s website and use the Find a Location function. Go to the MoneyCenter or customer service counter when you arrive. A store staff will assist you in locating the most convenient pickup place for your recipient. Your photo ID from the government.

How can you search Walmart Store nearby using smartphone?

Read the steps provided below to successfully locate a Walmart store near you

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