Walmart Return Policy | Help & Guidelines on Refund

Walmart has been one of the top retail chains in the globe because they have been offering their clients with quality products & supreme services for over 50 years. That’s precisely the cause why the store gives their clients with so many alternatives to save funds such as, coupons, offers, and Walmart Cashback promise, which can also assist you to save money, at least sometimes.

Have you ever tried to replace or return an item bought from or in-store? then, you need to read the Walmart return policy. It’s too long, & you have to check 20 pages just to get the little bit of information you desire to know. We have given you comprehensive information in short in a single post to save your valuable time, go through it and know more about Walmart’s return policy.

Read the complete Walmart Return Policy Before Returning an Item

The Walmart Return Policy confirms that you can return to Walmart within 90 days of buy. The product must be in its new condition, unused and in its original company packaging with cost tags intact & manuals to make the procedure smooth.

There is a set of rules in case you desire to return item(s) with no receipt. Similarly, Best Buy follows a similar procedure. The Items marked as “non-returnable” are the last sale & cannot be returned.

Walmart Return Conditions

Items should be returned in fresh condition, in the manufacturer’s unique packaging.

Can I return a gift? Yes, but simply in stores. Take the packing slip or gift receiving in order to get a repayment. If you don’t have one, the client service associate will find the order online by asking you for the email address of the individual who provides you the gift. 

How to return an Item to Walmart?

If you desire to return your item to Walmart by mail, click on ‘My Account’ > ‘Track Orders’ > ‘View Details’ – then click ‘Start a Return’ & from here you will capable to get a free return label. 

Then just package the item in the original packaging & mail as per the information on the site. If you require some additional advice on packaging your items you can find out more here. 

Once the item has been processed by Walmart at their returns service a refund will be issued. You can also return items bought online instore as long as you have the unique packaging. 

List of items not eligible for returns:

  • Firearms and Ammunition
  • ATVs
  • Pepper Spray
  • Dirt Bikes
  • Gas-powered Mini Bikes
  • Go-Karts
  • UTVs
  • Diabetic Products, including meters, strips, lancets, lancet devices, and syringes
  • Prescription Drugs and products containing pseudoephedrine and pseudotropine.

What if I don’t have a receipt?

As per the Walmart’s website, most items can be returned with no a receipt for an exchange (outdoor tools, exceptions are electronics, entertainment items, cameras, computers, GPS units, and other items). For products under $25, you can choose for a money refund. Products over $25 get a store shopping card for the sum of the item.

How do I start a marketplace return?

A marketplace return is a procedure in which the customer desire to return the product to the original seller via an online platform. This service is available for certain days as per the seller policy of returning the goods which are sold.

  • Online:

You need to log into your account, go to your buy history; find the order with the thing you desire to return. Choose “return or replace”. Follow the prompts to choose the item you desire to return, and the system will request you to explain your return reason to the seller, who will get in touch with you to give your return information.

  • Get Help: 

If you require help locating the order, call Walmart Customer Care for support. They can also help to produce a shipping label.

  • In-store:

You can also set the package up for shipping & bring it to the client service desk at Walmart. They will offer the shipping label for you, but you will have to pay the delivery fees.

When will I get my refund?

Once the seller processes your return, you must get it within 48 hours. If you dropped it your return off at a store to be shipped, expect it in two weeks.

How to find the return policy or talk to the seller?

Questions & problems with market items need to be set on with the supplier directly. While Walmart protects the privacy of purchasers and sellers, you can acquire the information you require by signing on to your account, locating the order, and choosing See Details (next to the Order # and Date). The order details take in the return policy and a Contact Seller link, through which you & the seller can converse.


The return policy sometimes differs seller by seller. Walmart is an intermediary platform that provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers. You can contact them for more details. Walmart also provides credit card services for your payment convenience. If you like to apply for a Walmart credit card then, you may check the recent post here. In case, you have already applied for the same, you can check the status of the tracking here. Also, there are certain gift cards are given by Walmart to its customers. Check the home page for more details.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to return items at Walmart?

You have three months to return an item under Walmart’s standard return policy. This is what the store’s website claims. “Unless otherwise stated in our exclusions, you have 90 days from the date of purchase to exchange or return your product. Items can be returned in-store, by mail for free, or by a scheduled pickup from your home.

How to return items to Walmart Store?

Return to a Local Store — Walmart’s in-store return policy Step 1: Go to Your Account > Purchase History and find the item you’d like to return. Step 2: Determine why you want to return the item. (In the event of a replacement, you must purchase one after returning the merchandise to the retailer.)

Is it possible to return a defective product to Walmart?

Items that are damaged or defective. If you get a damaged or faulty item from, you can return it by mail for a refund or replacement, or you can return it to any Walmart store for a refund. Walmart Financial Services is a division of Walmart. The costs connected with Walmart Financial Services products, as well as Express Bill Payments, are non-refundable.

Do you get a refund when you return items to Walmart?

In-store or mail-in returns to are reimbursed to the original payment method. Regular and freight shipping, as well as any shipping fees, are not usually refunded when goods are returned.

Does Walmart have a 90-day return policy?

Walmart has a stringent 90-day return policy, and if you don’t return your purchases within that time frame, Walmart will no longer accept them. Please double-check that your billing date is less than 90 days.

How long does it take for Walmart to refund your money?

Follow the progress of your return. If you return your purchase to a Walmart store or by mail, the money should be credited to your original payment method within 10 business days (depending on your financial institution).

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