Earn Double Cashback Rewards on Your Walmart MasterCard

Almost everyone has monthly grocery bills to pay, it would surely be nice to save money on them.  You’re in fortunate if you do a lot of shopping at Walmart. Regardless of whether you shop online or in store, there are a variety of method to get Walmart MasterCard reward cashback. Customers who spend online or in-store at Walmart with the store’s own-branded credit card get points. The Walmart Rewards Credit Card is a no-fee card which lets you accumulate Walmart Reward Dollars and a sign-up bonus

It may take a little more effort to earn cash back on your usual Walmart shopping, but the extra time you put in could pay off handsomely. Here are a few different ways that any Walmart shopper can earn Walmart MasterCard cashback reward

Walmart MasterCard Cashback Rewards

Walmart Inc. is a retail chain which is available in over 27 different countries, it has its own set of advantages. Some of these advantages are 

  • Choice: Having such a huge brand name and a long list of suppliers, the company has got a lot of products that they offer its customers. Even in each product category, they have a lot of brands offering it.
  • Price: The ability to stock its inventory in bulk and having deep pockets, allows the company to offer the products to its customers at the best prices.
  • Loyalty Programs: The company has got various loyalty programs that it runs to benefit its customers in various ways.

What are the benefits of Walmart Rewards MasterCard?

  1. No annual fee: This card is definitely considering if you’re searching for a cash back Mastercard and you majorly shop at Walmart.

It doesn’t have an annual charge, cutting your worries about paying for just keeping the Mastercard in your pocket.

  1. Cash Back Rewards: When you use your Walmart Rewards Mastercard and purchase items in a Walmart store or online at Walmart.ca, you will receive 1.25 percent cash back.

If you use the card to make transactions outside of Walmart, you will receive 1% cash back.

  1. $25 Welcome Bonus: New Walmart Reward Dollars cardmembers can earn up to $25 in the following ways:

If you create two qualified transactions using your card within 30 days, you’ll receive $15. (one purchase at Walmart and the second could be somewhere else)

When you sign up for digital statements, you will receive a $10 bonus.

What are the Loyalty Programs at Walmart?

Some of the major loyalty programs of Walmart Inc. Include a membership card with a  unique number to identify each customer. This sense of uniqueness allows the customer to feel a sense of individuality. This gives them a feeling of importance, making them be loyal to your company. 

Another aspect of the loyalty program is a credit card. This credit card is issued by Walmart in tie-up with MasterCard.

What are the Capital One Walmart Reward Card Features?

Walmart capital one reward card offers you cashback, reward points and partner redemption program at selected affiliated Walmart partners merchandise.

  • Cashback: The use of this card gives access to the user to avail up to a 5% discount on everyday purchases at Walmart. Regular cards allow you a maximum of 1% cashback while you shop.

But this card being a dedicated credit card issued by Walmart, it allows the customers to get an additional 4% cashback. Though this cashback seems a little too attractive, it comes with a condition.  The 5% cashback is only for the first 12 months from the date of issue of the card. After this, the regular 1% cashback is applicable.

  • Walmart stores and MasterCard:

The 5% cashback is applicable only for the first 12 months. Even that can be redeemed only while ordering through the website or the Walmart app. While you purchase in the store and use the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card,  you are entitled to 2% cashback as compared to the 1% given to regular card users. Being issues by MasterCard, you as a customer are entitled to 1% cashback at all merchants where the MasterCard is accepted. 

Whenever you make a purchase at Walmart or other MasterCard merchants, you get reward points. These reward points can get accumulated over a period of time making it easier for you to gather the points for the huge purchases. The question that remains is how and where can you redeem these points and how.

For now, you need to have access to the capital one application. This application will not just help you keep a record of the points, the transactions you’ve made and your expenditure and purchasing patterns. This app will also show you the credit limit available and the amount of balance that you still have. This helps you spend in a more effective way ensuring you do not cross your expenditure limit. It also shows you your existing credit score and gives you access to maintain it.

  • Redemption of Walmart Reward Points:

You can redeem these points at various exchange schemes and utilize them for your benefit. Some of these places to redeem your points are:

  • Purchases:

You can use the points you accumulated over the days to make purchases. Although these purchases have to be made on the website. While checking out on the website, you can select the rewards option to make the payment.

  • Credit Score:

When you use the credit card for regular purchases, you accumulate credit on the account. You can use the reward points that are collected while making purchases to pay off the credit. This method of redeeming the credit works two ways as making those payments clears of the credit debt and also gives you points while clearing it.

  • Gift Cards:

Walmart offers various gift cards to its users that can be purchased. This purchase can be made using the reward points accumulated by purchasing various products. These gift cards can then be given to various people or used by yourself in the future.

  • Travel and more:

The reward points can be redeemed to purchase travel tickets or make bookings at various merchants. These merchants can be hotels, restaurants or transport. 

What Are the Benefits of Using the Walmart Credit Card?

There are several benefits to using Walmart credit cards for shopping, ticket booking, everyday spends and refueling your vehicle.

  • Alerts:

The capital one application gives you timely notifications and updates over SMS and email regarding and potentially suspicious activity. This allows you to be aware of all activities occurring in terms of your Capital One Walmart Rewards card. 

  • Mobile App:

The capital one has a mobile application that gives you access to methods of monitoring, checking and ensuring your account balance, expense, and credit limit.

  • Fraud liability:

If in case the card is lost or in case of theft, you can be sure you will not be charged a single penny in case of unauthorized use.

  • Card lock:

In case of card theft, you can easily lock your card in a few single taps and make sure there’s no unauthorized use.


This card is the perfect choice for you if you’re an avid spender. If you are a regular customer at Walmart, you should opt for the credit card immediately. The card gives the benefits for Walmart but also all add on benefits of MasterCard.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does the Walmart Rewards MasterCard function?

A basic rewards card, the Walmart Rewards Mastercard targets Walmart customers who would like to receive points for daily needs. With no annual fee, Walmart Reward Dollars can be redeemed at any Walmart store like money. When shopping at Walmart (and Walmart.ca), you can earn 1.25 per cent and 1 per cent on just about everything.

Does the Walmart credit card give you 5% cash back?

The Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard doesn’t really give a big sign-up reward. This does, nevertheless, incentivize Walmart customers for their first year of shopping. Walmart Pay users can earn 5 percent cash back on in-store purchases for the first 12 months following approval.

How good is the Walmart Rewards MasterCard?

1% cash back on everyday purchases is a decent bargain with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard.  So although users must use the rewards at Walmart, they don’t expire so you can use them in $5 increments, which is convenient for small transactions, and then you’ll receive 1% (minimum) no matter where you use the money

How can I increase my Walmart rewards credit card?

To seek an increase in your Capital One Walmart RewardsTM Card or Walmart RewardsTM Card credit limit, call the customer support number listed on the back of your card. According to reports, customer support representatives are unable to verify if it will be a soft or hard credit pull, so make an informed decision


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